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Green Freight Program

FleetZero Can Help You Navigate the Green Freight Program

FleetZero provides full cycle advisory, assessment and other support services to help your fleet qualify for financial grants under the Canadian Government’s Green Freight Program. The Program is running for a limited time only – and funds are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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FleetZero is your Fleet Energy Assessment Provider

FleetZero’s Fleet Energy Assessment will help qualify your fleet for grants under Natural Resources Canada‘s Green Freight Program’s Truck/Trailer Equipment Retrofit Grant. Funding can be used to purchase eligible equipment retrofits, implement recommended complex engine repowers, implement fuel-switching to clean fuels and implement logistical and best practice projects – all to support fleet’s transition to sustainability and zero emissions.

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FleetZero is your Fleet Energy Assessment Provider

  • Qualify for Government Grants from $250,000 up to $5,000,000: The Canadian government is providing funding for up to $250,000 per Applicant towards Fleet Energy Assessments and Equipment Retrofits. Additionally, successful applicants can receive 50% cost-share contributions up to a max of $5,000,000 towards fuel-switching, engine repowers, and large scale improved logistical best-practice projects. 
  • Decarbonize with FleetZero: FleetZero is a market leader in global transport and energy landscape. Once we assess your fleet, you will access FleetZero’s expertise to access even more grants such as up to $200,000 /vehicle in capital rebates.
  • Approach Bigger Clients and Explore New Business: Aligning with the Green Freight Program and deploying energy efficient equipment retrofits can give your fleet a significant advantage when approaching bigger and better paying clients. 
  • Savings from Increased Efficiency and Less Maintenance: Recommendations from the Fleet Energy Assessment are energy efficient, reduce fuel consumption and require less maintenance. The assessment also recommends comprehensive training around energy efficient best practices to save your fleet money. 

Program Eligibility

  • To be eligible for the Truck/Trailer Equipment Retrofit Grant, the Applicant’s fleet must undergo a Fleet Energy Assessment before they purchase any new fuel-saving device(s) and the assessment must analyze and recommend the device(s) that the Applicant plans to purchase. A fleet must also have one or more heavy-duty vehicles for business use, GVWR of Class 2B and above, and be licensed and insured to operate in Canada. 


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