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Why FleetZero?

We are fleet

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We are global experts that live and breathe fleet and emerging climate-tech. Founded and led by a global award-winning expert in zero emission fleet and asset management, FleetZero is the evolution of consulting, enabling proven and trusted solutions for the ever-charging global transport and energy landscape.



We are solutions Driven

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We know that the energy transition journey does not end once advisory services are offered. At FleetZero we deliver turnkey solutions by firing on five Pistons:

  1. Consulting
  2. Implementation
  3. Infrastructure
  4. Training
  5. Tooling and Maintenance

We are with you each step of the journey towards zero emission transport.

We are Proven Leaders

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Our subject matter experts are individuals who have run and supported fleet and infrastructure operations across various sectors and applications from private commercial fleets, public transport, public works, utilities and airport ground side support in each corner of the globe. We are also zero emission agnostic, offering unparalleled insights and consulting for battery electric, hydrogen, compressed natural gas, renewable natural gas, enhanced diesel and propane energy-propulsion forms.


On the ground for your business

FleetZero's referral network spans across four continents to deliver services across our five Pistons.

We are Innovators

The best innovations for transitioning your fleet

We deliver through our playbook approach to fleet energy transition and a pit crew mentality around training and excellence in execution. Our playbook chapters offer innovative processes and technologies to address transition steps across fleet, facilities, infrastructure, stakeholder, environment and economic decisions. We strategically deploy data and made-for-fleet technologies to offer the right solution to our clients. When we see a problem, we innovate.

We Deliver

The best turn-key solutions for
your fleet

We have been delivering for decades and continue to do so in FleetZero. By being experienced across fleet, infrastructure, training, and maintenance, we can be trusted with your fleet transition journey. We are also agnostic to propulsion technologies and support hydrogen, battery electric, hybrid, renewable natural gas and propane-based solutions. This enables us to advise on how to right-size the transition journey for your specific needs.

We are Sustainable

Sustainable solutions for your fleet

Sustainability is in our DNA. Our core values advance the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Our founder and core leadership team have advanced sustainability across each Piston and continue to do so at FleetZero.


We make a difference

The best solutions for transitioning your fleet