FleetZero Obtains Global Network in Mexico

Office and experience centre space will service fleet, infrastructure providers and OEMs through presence in Mexico’s automotive epicenter.

Puebla, Mexico July 25, 2023 – FleetZero Inc. has officially opened its newest office in Puebla, Mexico.

Located at the Puebla Supercool Mobility Center, FleetZero has joined the purpose-built global network of electric and sustainable mobility solutions as one of its inaugural members. The Centre also serves as a hubspot where key stakeholders in the transport decarbonization industry, governments, innovators, and investors can come together to co-create solution pathways and turn their ideas into real actions with a positive impact on the lives of citizens and the future of our cities.

“Supercool Mobility Centers was created as a turnkey platform to bring the world’s leading transportation companies and mobility startups together to solve key challenges at the frontier of the energy transition,” said Citizens Companies’ Chairman Sergio De la Vega.

FleetZero’s team offers advisory services and turnkey solutions to enable fleet, capital, facility, infrastructure, and other transition users navigate low carbon pathways, ranging from feasibility studies and tooling to developing maintenance policies and standard operating procedures. Joining Supercool enables FleetZero to learn about global needs and engage in critical industry innovation, with Puebla Mexico being the first of 60 Supercool locations opening over the next years.

“The journey to decarbonize fleets, transport systems and infrastructure networks is global. To service our full suite of clients with the best solutions possible, FleetZero has entered into a strategic arrangement with Supercool to network in Mexico’s automotive hub as the first of many hubs worldwide,” commented FleetZero’s founder and Chief Executive Officer Naeem Farooqi, an award winning leader in zero-emission transportation.

FleetZero, with its headquarters in Toronto, Canada, serves as a trusted advisor to navigate the entire transition journey within cost, scheduling, and duty-cycles expectations by leveraging its team of global fleet and infrastructure expertise, deep ecosystem networks, and scalable, AI-enhanced technology solutions.

The first Supercool Mobility Center opened in the heart of the automotive cluster in Puebla, Mexico, on June 21st, 2023. It will provide opportunity for mobility providers to showcase their products and services in a physical and virtual marketplace, while investors have access to innovative companies on the leading edge of creating products that help the environment and support businesses transition to a more sustainable future in transportation.


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