The Future of Fleet has Arrived: Introducing FleetZero

Award-Winning Global Zero Emission Leader Launches Firm Offering Turn-Key Fleet Transition Solutions

For Immediate Release: January 18, 2023

Davos, Switzerland.

Today FleetZero announced its global launch as a solution to one of the pressing risks identified by global leaders at this year’s World Economic Forum’s Annual Summit.

Founded by award-winning global zero transportation emission leader, Naeem Farooqi, FleetZero addresses the top roadblocks fleet-minded owners face when transitioning to low carbon transportation. FleetZero’s global team offers advisory services and solutions to enable fleet, facility and key transition users to navigate the complex and evolving process of adopting and replacing fleet with across battery and hydrogen propulsion technologies. It delivers across five areas, or Transition Pistons (SM): Advisory, Implementation, Infrastructure, Finance, and Tooling and Maintenance.

The foundation for FleetZero dates back 15 years when Naeem Farooqi began pioneering global advisory solutions and award-winning technologies related to fleet, zero emission mobility, and facility and infrastructure cost and process management. Thousands of fleet vehicles later, FleetZero came into being, serving as a global solution grounded in the realities of today’s transportation needs, evidence-based innovation and environmental stewardship. By leveraging its team of global fleet and infrastructure expertise, deep ecosystem networks, and scalable, AI-enhanced technology solutions, FleetZero serves as a trusted advisor to navigate the entire transition journey within cost, scheduling and duty-cycles expectations. The company’s offerings also right-size infrastructure solutions to minimize cost and service disruption.

FleetZero currently has offices in Toronto, New York and London and a partnership network that spans four continents.

To learn more visit FleetZero’s website at