At FleetZero we are your ADVISOR across the transition process

Global Procurement

We are expert advisors helping clients write technical specifications, managing procurement processes including conducting market soundings, drafting and responding to procurement documents as well as structuring global procurement consortiums to keep your transition within schedules and budgets. Our clients access the FleetZero global ecosystem to learn best practices related to the procurement of fleets, facility upgrades, equipment, infrastructure, and tooling. As long-term and established experts in the transition ecosystem, our advisory spans beyond acquisition to support procurement of repair technicians, replacement parts, and aftermarket, after-warranty support.

Quality Assurance Advisory

Defects, warranty claims and downtime cost you money. At FleetZero we offer quality assurance advisory ranging from vendor vetting, scheduled and unscheduled reviews, and walk-throughs with our clients at key points in the transition journey such as product assembly, pre-delivery, installation and commissioning as well as in-service condition assessments. Our pit-crew and global network are technically certified and experienced to offer observations about your quality assurance needs.

Grants and Funding Assistance

Whether you are an organization seeking grants or a granting organization funding a fleet transition journey, FleetZero is your technical advisor. 

Boots on the Ground

FleetZero can work with you from the boardroom to the shop floor. Our boots on the ground enable diligence, assumption validation, training and local partner contract management. We have in-house SMEs and a global partner network to address your needs across numerous continents.

Our Services Include:

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