Maintenance & Training

Maintenance & Training

FleetZero works with you from the boardroom to the shop floor throughout the transition journey. Our excellence in maintenance is built upon the technical expertise of our pit-crew and deep experience with evidence of zero emission transport maintenance profiles.

FleetZero Partners

We vet repair technicians and maintenance service providers to ensure they are capable of performing maintenance on zero emission fleet, equipment, infrastructure and facility upgrades. Our network of approved service providers and parts suppliers ensures that your fleet and chargers/refueling stations remain operational and achieve their useful lives. We can also observe your potential maintenance and repair providers and offer recommendations to help them prepare for the zero emission transition.

Owner Representatives

Fleets are increasingly turning to third parties to repair and maintain their zero emission transport solutions. FleetZero is a trusted representative for owners to ensure contracts are structured and managed according to key performance indicators and service levels. Our pit-crew also creates regimes to support timely warranty administration and parts sourcing strategies.

Maintenance Policy and SOP Development

We build maintenance policies and standard operating procedures. Our leading evidence-based approaches, deep industry expertise and ecosystem with industry participants facilitates services that extend beyond vendor recommendations and establishes best-in-class approaches specific for your needs.

Asset Management Implementation

We understand that the pace of technological advancement and absence of datasets can make the decision to transition fleet challenging. At FleetZero we can help you implement asset management plans for your transition journey. This includes supporting overhaul decisions, battery replacement decisions and timing backwards integration upgrades for technological advancements.


Realizing the objectives of zero emission transport transitions depends upon the ability of staff, technicians and organizational leaders to be retrained. FleetZero’s staff are experienced educators and trainers across the sustainability journey. We create and deliver custom training programs that can be delivered in person, online and hybrid forms through train-the-trainer, departmental and refresher models.

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